Aivalis Deux Dieux Red






🌍 Region: Nemea

🏺 Winery: Aivalis

🍇 Grape Variety: St. George and Cabernet Sauvignon

👀 Color: Sour Cherry

👃 Nose:  Sour cherry, cherry, blueberry, plum, currant, black pepper, cardamom, vanilla, eucalyptus, thyme, chocolate milk, fresh soil, cigar tobacco

👄 Taste: Extremely complex St.George-Cabernet blend that ideally combines this soft character of the first with the tannic and plant characteristics and the second giving a well-being set full of red and black fruits, sweet spices, with a hint of smoke, coffee, and chocolate. 



Pairs well with savory, medium-bodied meat and vegetable dishes.
Game, duck, lamb, sausages both savory and spiced, smoked ham, grilled and roasted meats especially with herbs, paella, cheese based pasta, root vegetables and beans. Also Cheeses like  american, Colby, Mild cheddar, Velveeta, Double Glouchester (similar to mild cheddar), and Gouda.