Matamis Charylis Spumante Brut


🌍 Region: Thessaloniki

🏺 Winery: Matamis

🍇 Grape Variety:  Assyrtiko-Malagouzia

👀 Color:  Yellow pale color with light green highlights being followed by rich genesis of fine bubbles, with symmetrical distribution and duration.

👃 Nose:  Gentle nose, citrus and floral aroma accompanied by notes of acacia and bread.

👄 Taste: Mouth with rich taste escorted with a refreshing acidity and a creamy lather.  The aftertaste has intense period and character of white flesh fruit. The citrus and floral aroma are followed by notes of acacia. The rich mouth is followed by a refreshing acidity, while the finish is long and persistent. This pairs beautifully with marinated salmon, caviar and oysters.