Papantonis Meden Agan Agiorgitiko 2018


Exclusively made from Agiorgitiko grapes, MEDEN AGAN (pronounced “mee-th`en `a-gan”) has a clear, dark ruby red color, characteristic of one of the most significant Greek red varieties. It has a velvety, soft round taste, with long finish on the palate and a fruity flavor. Its mature bouquet has touches of spices and dried nut, which mingle to perfection with the main scent of Agiorgitiko, the strawberries and the blackberries.

It should be served at 16°-18°C. It is an excellent accompaniment to red meats and hearty stews or casseroles. This wine is ideal for long-term maturing and as such, it is distinctive and will especially appeal to people that appreciate quality. It is the perfect gift for one’s business associates, family and close friends.

The name of this wine originates from the well known ancient Greek motto at the Oracle of Delphi meaning ‘nothing in excess’. Meden Agan is derived from the word ‘meden’ (meaning ‘zero, nothing’) and the adverb ‘agan’ (which translates to ‘excessively’). Meden Agan and Gnothi Safton (know thyself), the two maxims carved on the walls of the temple of Apollo at the Oracle, were two of the fundamental principles of the ancient Greek spirit.

Specifically the motto “meden agan” is attributed to Chilon of Sparta, one of the Seven Sages of the ancient world. Through this epigram he wished to imply that the truth lies in the middle, without excess. It also brings to mind Aristotle's maxim “virtue lies in the middle” and the Latin “in medio stat virtus” (Horace). Pindar, the lyric poet, closely connected with the Oracle, also refers to this motto in his Odes.