Techni Alipias Red






🌍 Region: Drama

🏺 Winery: Wine Art

🍇 Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah

👀 Color: This wine has a deep purplish colour

👃 Nose: Complex, beautifully open bouquet of cherries and plums, with notes of pepper and vanilla.

👄 Taste: In the mouth it is rich, fleshy, well structured, with beautifully softened tannins. A delightful wine of real character, which can be consumed fresh or aged for several years.  





-SILVER medal, "Techni Alipias"Red 2017, “TEXSOM 2020”, Texas.

-SILVER medal, "Techni Alipias"Red 2017,“VinaliesInternationales 2019”, France.

-SILVER medal, "Techni Alipias"Red 2017,“I.W.C. of Thessaloniki 2019”, Greece.

-SILVER medal, "Techni Alipias" Red 2015, “I.W.C. of Thessaloniki 2019”, Greece.

-SILVER medal, "Techni Alipias"Red 2017,TEXSOM International Wine Awards 2019, Texas.

-BRONZE medal, "Techni Alipias" Red 2017, Decanter World Wine Awards 2019